Laser hair removal coming 2025

New safe technology for laser hair removal Soprano Ice. Soprano Ice is long term solution to facial and body hairs removal. It is suitable to all skin types and colours and is painless free. It is recommended to have 6 to 10 sessions. You are required to shave prior to the treatment and keep the treated area free of cream, lotion or perfume. We also ask you - do not use any fake tans before treatment. - avoid using retinoid or steroid cream on the area to be treated. -can not use accutane 3months before treatment or use Lsotretinoin within six months-you might not be suitable for treatment if you are pregnant, if you have history of Epilepsy, psychosis, if you have allergy to hydroquinone drugs, or bleaching agents, if u have history of malignant tumour or if you have photosensitive skin we also ask you about any medication you are taking. The treatment for small area takes approximately 5-15minutes, medium area 30minutes, large area 1-1.5 hour. Are there any downtowns? Following the treatment you can return to your daily activities straight away. 

Some people may experience a slight warmth or redness in the treated areas, but this is unusual and should disappear within a few hours.

Buy course of six treatments receive 25% off.

Full face £68

Neck. £50

Lip lower or upper £19

Chin £23

Jawline £29

Cheeks/sideburn £38

Lower leg. £83

Upper leg £95

Full leg £129

Arm lower. £49

Arm upper. £41

Full arm. £79

Underarm. £15

Buttocks. £35

Periannal £25

Buttock & Periannal £45

Naval public line £10

Bikini. £23

Brazilian/hollywood incl. Periannal £41

Sack & crack incl Periannal £55

Sack & crack incl Periannal & Buttocks £65

Full back £79

Chest & Stomach. £85

Back & Stomach & Chest £129

Full body Female (Full arms, full leg, underarm, choice of Bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood). £258


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